CB Eats 100% Silicone Divided Plate

We love the CB Eat non-skid plates for feeding toddlers (and these plates can be used up through adulthood too; they're awesome!). Silicone divided plates won't break if dropped and won't slide off the counter or table. These plates are basically indestructible! They come in colorful colors for meal time fun. Makes a great travel plate too! Pair with the CB Eat Silicone & Stainless Steel Flatware for a great mealtime set; this set makes a great gift!

Compartments can make all the difference at toddler mealtime. Easily keep different foods separate and allow your little to push food around without mixing them up. 

Product Size

CB Eat Silicone Plates measure 7.6" in diameter and 0.8" deep.

For What Age

Safe for ages 6 months + (self-feeders).


Made from 100% Silicone. No BPA, No Phthalates, No Cadmium, No Lead, No Melamine. No harmful chemicals. Complies with applicable ASTM and CFR standards.


Easily cleaned with dish soap and water; dishwasher safe!



From the founder of Chewbeads
The idea for Chewbeads began in 2009 shortly after the birth of my son. Like most babies, he loved to put everything in his mouth and my necklaces were a favorite. Like most moms, I didn't feel comfortable letting him chew on them, with concern that they might break or have unwanted chemicals. As a veteran of the fashion industry, I had an amazing collection of necklaces and bracelets, so with those as my inspiration, I set out to create soft, non-toxic je
welry, which was colorful, chic and, above all else safe. Hence, Chewbeads!

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