Bamboobies Washable Reusable Overnight Nursing Pads, 2-Pair

Bamboobies ultra-soft nursing pads are unique because they don’t leak through like other washable pads. Overnights (which are also great for during the day if leaking a lot) are made for heavy leaking and newborn nursing and are made with a unique milk-proof backing to stop embarrassing leaks. Washable bamboobies save $$$ over disposables.

Made of ultra-soft and soothing organic cotton and bamboo rayon velour with an inner layer of hemp and organic cotton, these pads are ultra-absorbent and ultra-eco. Unlike cotton pads, Overnight Bamboobies don’t feel cold and clammy when wet and don’t leak through. Nursing mothers deserve simple luxuries like Bamboobies.

**If you’re looking for an ultra-thin, less visible pad for light leaking, try Regular bamboobies pads or a multi-pack with some of each!**

This is a 4-pair package - Overnights come only in light blue.


Ultra-Soft Top Layer that Touches the Skin: 57% bamboo viscose, 23% polyester, 20% cotton

Absorbent Inner Layer: 55% ramie, 45% cotton

Outer Leak-Proof Layer: 100% polyester with TPU waterproofing

Sold in green packaging.


Machine wash on WARM & DRY COMPLETELY on MEDIUM heat. No fabric softeners. Use mild bleach solution if discoloration appears. 

Product Origin: Made in Colorado, USA

About Bamboobies

Bamboobies nursing pads and other SOFT Style solutions have been created with love from one mom to many others. bamboobies began as a solution to a personal problem: "I was very 'leaky' and couldn't find a pad that didn't leak or show through my shirt."

It was 2010 when the funny name "bamboobies" popped into my head after I turned a square of bamboo velour fabric into a makeshift pad. I had an entrepreneurial business background, a creative urge and a sense of mission that couldn't be stopped. What began as a singular idea has quickly blossomed. After creating original and overnight bamboobies nursing pads, I began to address other pregnancy and new mother challenges.

We have grown our product line and team, moved out of the basement and gained more distribution partners across the US and abroad. More importantly, we have developed a growing, vocal base of mothers that love and rave about how our products have helped them.

Our mission is to ensure that new mothers and babies are happier and healthier, and so is their world. 


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