Baby's Butt Cream, Earthly Remedies By Erin

Baby's butt cream, made with coconut oil, can be used as a diaper cream, is great on rashes, or as a body cream. This cream is very effective on eczema and for cradle cap, and is also cloth diaper safe.

Perfect for those of you who are vegan, as there is no beeswax in this product.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All salves and creams will melt on sunny days if left in direct sunlight, in a car, near a heat source, and sometimes during shipping. If this happens you can mix them up and place them in refrigerator for a little while so they will harden back up.


2 oz. jar


Made with organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic meadowfoam oil, organic sunflower oil, organic arnica, organic comfrey, organic calendula, zinc oxide, essential oils of tea tree, lavender, and clove.

product origin: made in new york, usa

Earthly Remedies makes an all natural line of organic and locally made Medicinal Herbs, and Botanical Skincare and Bodycare products.

About Erin at Earthly Remedies

I am committed to providing products that are 100% natural, 100% chemical free, and mostly all organic (which means no petroleum, no preservatives, no parabens, no GMOs, no synthetic fragrances, and no stabilizers). I do not test on animals and none of the raw materials that I source are tested on animals. I use as much recycled packaging as I can. I ask that you wash and find other uses for the glass packaging or that you recycle it. The only animal-based product that is used is beeswax.

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