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Cloth Diaper Service - $25-$30/week

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Leave the washing to us! Use 100% natural cotton diapers, delivered to your door every week! All the benefits of cloth diapers, with none of the hassle! Using a diaper service can cost less than disposables, and is so much better! This small choice has a big impact... your money will not add 2 tons of waste to landfills and will instead support your local economy and save resources!

Now serving New York in Ithaca, Trumansburg and some areas in between! Delivery routes change based on need, so please inquire to see if your address is currently being served. Rates start at $25/week for downtown Ithaca and vary up to $30/week depending on distance from our standard route. Read all the details below! See all our diaper service options, including a Try It Out! option here!


Bulk Pricing Price: $100.00  
SKU: 9900-1month
Quantity:    Order by 3pm ET, M-F, and we ship the same day!
If you can add an item to the cart, it is in stock!
Service Period: 4 Weeks @ $25/Week  6 Months @ $24/Week  $1 Add−On Weekly Service Charge (if necessary)

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How It Works

How It Works

We deliver fresh, clean diapers to your home (or daycare, grandparents house, etc.) the same day each week. We pick-up all your dirty diapers, professionally launder them, and then return the same number of clean, fresh diapers to you the following week. The delivery day just depends on your delivery address.

What do you do? It is easy! After you take a diaper off your baby, you will just put it into the plastic bag we provide. No rinsing, washing, dunking necessary! With modern fasteners and diaper covers with velcro, cloth diapers really are just as easy as disposables!

Then, on delivery day, set the dirty diapers outside by 8 AM, and write on the tag how many clean diapers you have left in your home. That is it!

How Many Diapers Do I Get?
We aim to provide more than enough cloth diapers to get you through each week!

We provide 100 diapers on your first delivery. We provide another 100 diapers on your second delivery. Each week after that we will return the same number of diapers that we pick-up. So, there will be 200 diapers in rotation for you!

This example is for the X-Small and Infant sizes. For the Regular size, you would have 140 diapers in rotation, and for the Toddler size you would have 100 diapers in rotation.

Size of Diapers

Number of Diapers

Prepay for 1 month

Prepay for 6 months

Cost/Diaper when paying $23/week

X-Small (4-10 lbs)







Infant (8-15 lbs)



Regular (14-30 lbs)



Toddler (28 lbs and up)



  • Addresses outside our main route may incur additional weekly fees of $1-$10/week. Please  inquire about your specific address.
  • All taxes are included.
  • We dont charge registration or account set-up fees.
  • Total number of diapers in rotation is two times the “number of diapers” above.
  • 10 additional diapers per week can be added for $2.00/week.
  • No rinsing, soaking, or handling of dirty diapers is needed!
We Provide the Diapers, You Provide the Covers
We provide 100% cotton prefold diapers. The waterproof covers and diaper fasteners are not included. However, we have a fabulous diaper cover selection (both new and gently used)!

In addition, we recommend purchasing a diaper pail, which is typically just a tall kitchen garbage can. We deliver the clean diapers in a plastic bag which can be used as a diaper pail liner in your garbage can.

Since the waterproof diaper covers cannot go through our industrial wash cycle, you will need to wash the covers at home. This is super easy, and most parents just wash the covers with their babys clothing. There are no special wash routines for diaper covers!
Our Service Area

We serve the Ithaca and Trumansburg, NY areas. Please contact us to verify your address and rate before ordering service. If you live outside our service area, we do offer the option of in store pick-up/drop off for $25 per week. We may also be able to deliver to your work place, or a family/friends home.