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Sensi-Clean Laundry Detergent (for stripping)

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Made in USA

We recommend using Sensi-Clean (also known as Sports-Wash) to strip cloth diapers of detergent build-up.  We also recommend using Sensi-Clean at least every two months as preventative maintenance to help keep your diapers smelling fresh and build-up free. If you have really hard water, you can also consider using Sensi-Clean as your daily detergent. It works great, leaves no odor, and is gentle for babies!

With Sensi-Clean you can see and smell the difference from your current detergent.  It contains no perfumes, brightening dyes, bleach, or fabric softeners and is biodegradable.

Because of this, Sensi-Clean is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, or anyone who wants to avoid excess exposure to chemicals.  Sensi-Clean also makes all of your fabrics look, feel, and perform like new. Use 1 sample packet (1 ounce) per 1 load of laundry.  1 liter will last for 34 wash loads.

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Product Origins

Product Origins

Made in the USA.