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Nikky All Cotton Breathable Diaper Cover

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Jillian's Drawers is now one of the few exclusive Nikky retailers, and we are so excited to be able to offer these hard to find breathable covers! The real benefit to these covers is their BREATHABILITY! Made from 100% cotton that is treated with a patented non-toxic breathable waterproof coating (similar traits to Goretex), Nikky covers feels and breathe like a t-shirt, but are waterproof! (For the more durable polyester version, better for overnights and heavy wetters, click here.) If you love the breathability of wool, but want a washable cover, this is it! And if you've been using PUL covers and your baby is susceptible to diaper rashes, we highly recommend giving these diaper covers a try. We find the extra air circulation these covers provide helps with diaper rashes and makes them great in the summer and warmer climates. The ammonia, heat, and moisture won't build up in the diaper! MORE IMAGES BELOW!

The Japanese Nikky brand itself has been around for 70 years and is known for its high quality, durable fabrics. These covers are triple-stitched and are known for lasting a long time, having a great fit, and having amazing breathability while still waterproof.

Nikky diaper covers close with velcro, and the double gusset is extremely gentle on thighs. Lightweight and trim! These covers do require a little extra attention to care: Machine wash on warm/gentle cycle and either air-dry or dry on low heat. You'll need to use mild detergent and avoid bleaches, borax, softeners, and additives to prolong the special waterproof coating on these covers.

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More Information and Pictures

More Information and Pictures

You can see the soft t-shirt like material, great gusset, high quality sewing:

Gussets on Nikky covers are soft, gentle, and contain very well!

Here is the newborn cover with the umbilical cord notch cut-out:

This is a Newborn Nikky cover under a Thirsties X-Small cover. Notice how they are the same size when stretched out, but the Thirsties has tighter gussets. Not better or worse, just different.

Here is the Thirsties cover stretched out. When compared stretched out, they are similar in size.

Newborn Nikky cover (white) next to a Thirsties X-Small cover (lavender). A Small Nikky will likely be too large for a newborn.

Large Nikky cover (white) next to a large Thirsties cover (periwinkle). Notice the large velcro panel on the front of the Nikky cover lets you adjust the velcro up high or down low, giving a really great fit. The Thirsties does go up to a larger range, but the Nikky cover has more adjustability with the large velcro panel.