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Aristocrats Wool Longies

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Special Wool Care

This beautifully knit wool cover from Aristocrats is high
quality, soft, and stretchy.  Thickly knit and double layered,
this is a reliable night time wool cover.  For a dry bed,
they are hard to beat. 

Untreated wool actually absorbs more than one third of its
weight in moisture before it begins to feel wet.  What is
more, wool, being completely breathable, maintains
normal body temperature - not too hot, not too cold -
thereby greatly reducing the risk of diaper rash
associated with heat and bacterial growth. 

Wool does not retain odors, comes from a renewable
resource (sheep!) and needs to be washed only every 2
weeks or when soiled.

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What makes these wool covers so popular:
  • Natural and breathable
  • Great night time wool cover
  • Long legs mean no pajamas needed
  • High quality construction, just beautiful!
  • Two layers of wool in wet zone keeps moisture in
  • Long-lasting
  • Gentle gussets won't leave red marks
  • Fits over a large size range
  • Made in Canada