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Aquaus 360 Diaper Sprayer

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The new design moves more manufacturing to the USA and reduces leakage, plus a new 3 year warranty! Great improvements!

Great for rinsing off soiled cloth diapers in the toilet instead of dunking and soaking.  Mini-size, multi-hole, jet spray is perfect for rinsing even the most heavily stuck-on soiled diapers.

The Mini-Shower diaper sprayer attaches in just a few minutes and no tools are required!

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What makes the Aquaus Diaper Sprayer (New & Improved Mini-Shower) so popular:
  • Rinses off soiled diapers without dunking or soaking
  • Great for rinsing off potty seat or training potties!
  • Adjustable pressure for jet spray or gently rinsing
  • Anti-drip spray head
  • Installs easily without tools
  • Conveniently hangs on side of toilet
  • Has shut-off valve for safety
  • High enough pressure to remove the most stuck on messes
  • NEW! Stainless steel spray hose with swivel nut on sprayer connection
  • NEW! Solid brass Tee Connector & Shut-Off Valve

Other uses:

  • All natural feminine hygiene
  • Handheld bidet
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Postpartum cleaning
  • Urinary tract infections