Wipes Sampler Pack

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Try this sampler pack to discover your favorites! We've picked out the top five favorites and put them into an easy tester package. Includes 5 wipes:

1 Kissaluvs wipe
1 GroVia wipe
1 Thirsties Fab Wipe
1 Osocozy Double Sided Terry/Flannel wipe
1 Jillian's Drawers Handmade Wipe

Cloth wipes are so easy to use when you're already cloth diapering!  They work much better than disposable wipes, and you'll save money too.  It's always great to have a few different sizes and textures on hand for different needs.

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GroVia Wipe

An extremely soft velour wipe that stays soft! Extremely popular because it has just the right "grippiness" to clean up big messes, but stays soft.

These wipes from Kissaluvs are made of one-ply 100% unbleached knit terry cotton.  The terry loops are just perfect for cleaning up those really big messes (especially for newborns)!  The smooth side has slight texture to aid in clean-up.  These wipes are thicker than flannel wipes, but not as thick and cumbersome as regular washcloths.
 OsoCozy Double Sided Terry/Flannel Wipe 

These wipes are a favorite because of their two sides. One side is soft and smooth for just wet bottoms or for gentle wipes on hands and faces. The other side is a grippy terry side for bigger messes.
One of our favorite wipes that is Made in the USA! One side is textured cotton velour to assist with bigger wipe-ups.  Delicate microfleece is on the other side for drying or for lighter messes. Come in a 6-pack of beautiful colors!
Irresistible fashion prints in the softest flannel on one side and an organic cotton velour on the other make these wipes hip, green, and gorgeous.

You'll love the dash of color they will add to your diaper bag!