You Gotta Sing - Judy Stock

This is Judy's newest CD and includes all the favorites among Judy's early childhood classrooms! Classic songs are accompanied by guitar, banjo and spoons. Some songs are familiar tunes with new lyrics and all of the songs are interactive. Great for families and early childhood centers.  20 songs included on this album! 


About Judy Stock

Judy Stock has been a performing musician for over thirty years.  Born in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, she lived in New Orleans for thirteen years, then moved to Sheboygan Wisconsin, made a brief stop in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for one year and now makes her home in Ithaca, New York.  Starting with the clarinet as her first instrument she now plays over 20 different instruments from around the world.  In all her performances with children she shares many of these instruments along with her love of reading.  Early literacy has become Judy’s focus in the past 4 years and her work with preschoolers is now her passion.  She is committed to keeping folk music and folk instruments alive in the hearts and minds of children.  Judy shares her talents with educators and students in her workshop “Anyone Can Make Music” and offers artist residencies to children in songwriting, instrument making and folk music through America’s history.  
Throughout Judy’s musical career she has been in a variety of bands and duos performing all types of music for adults.  She still enjoys performing for adults as often as possible for special events, clubs, organization, retirement centers and giving house concerts and concerts at libraries and churches. 
 Judy performs for libraries, schools, day care centers, festivals, churches, organizations, and many other events in Texas, Wisconsin, New York and New Orleans.  Since 1998 she has been performing at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in the “Kid’s Tent” on a regular basis.  A video of Judy was seen around the world on a 1998 episode of “Oprah” where she played her nose whistle and spoons for Oprah's show entitled, "Oprah's Funniest Viewers".  She has released 3 CDs and a DVD that are well loved by children and adults.  
She is currently working on her first CD for adults.