Tula Mini Toy/Doll Carrier

Of course your little one wants to be just like you! Doll carriers make a great holiday gift, big sister/brother gift, and gift for all those little nurturers. 
Tula Mini Carriers are modeled after their adult lines, and can be worn on both the front and back of the body. Doll carriers are great for baby dolls and stuffed animals/toys alike.

For What Age 

Made for ages 18 months+


Made from 100% cotton.


Machine wash cold, mild detergent, no bleach. Hang dry

Products Origin: Made in India.

About Tula

When our daughter was born, we wore her in a sling. We experienced how convenient babywearing was and how much it benefits both parent and baby. A few years later, our son was born and we discovered the ease of ergonomic carriers. We have tried many different carriers and never found one that completely satisfied us, so we had our Ba Noi (Vietnamese for Grandma) sew us one to our specifications. It was close to perfect. At first we made carriers for friends and family. But whenever we traveled, strangers would inquire about our carriers. And that was just what I needed to finally focus my energy and passion. Since then, I have loved every single moment of it! We are now a family of five living in San Diego... still making carriers, still keeping our children close, and making many memories!

Today, it has become our mission to promote babywearing worldwide through our quality products, education, and community outreach in order to form a more perfect union between caregiver and child.

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