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HABA Magica Clutching Balls

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This clutching toy is so eye-catching and draws you in! Our customers are always picking this up to experience it for themselves!  The colorful balls are all connected with an elastic band and perfect for grabbing.

Age: 0 - 12 months

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Product Origins

Product Origins

Made in Germany.

About HABA

HABA was established in 1938 and is based in Germany. HABA is known for quality, product reliability, and environmental consciousness.

Jillian's Drawers only carries HABA wooden toys that are made in Rodenbach, Germany.  This is important because HABA does make a small selection of wooden toys in China.  We have decided to not carry wooden toys that are made in China.  Please note that any HABA toys comprised of cloth (such as blankets, cloth books, etc.) are made in China (this excludes wooden toys).

The varnishes and paints used in HABA wooden toys are all non-toxic and water-based.

Family Friendly

In July 2005 the HABA corporate family was awarded the audit berufundfamilie® [Job and Family Audit] Certificate. This is recognition of a family-conscious corporate policy that continually makes fair and reasonable allowance for its employees’ family situation and needs.

HABA wants to be a company for children and their families.

Did you know...
  • That the 150 women working at HABA's in-house Call Center can substantially plan out their 30 working hours a week according to their individual requirements
  • That the Call Center is closed on Sundays – Sunday is family day!
  • HABA closes down for 2 weeks over Christmas and the New Year!
  • In the summer holidays HABA employees can put their children in the in-house crèche