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The Safe Sippy

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We love Safe Sippies! Only safe stainless steel touches fluids, soft silicone outer, removable handles, perfect 11 oz. size (not too small), and a hard sippy spout. To convert your Safe Sippy to a "Safe Sippy 2", purchase additional straws, cap, travel plug, and straw adapter here.

The Safe Sippy™ cup breaks away from the all-plastic sippy cup designs of the past.  From the clean, non-leaching stainless steel cup to the unique safety features to the plastics free of Bisphenol A and other harmful chemicals, The Safe Sippy™ cup was created to accomplish one simple goal: Clean In, Clean Out.

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What makes The Safe Sippy so popular:
  • Removable handles
  • High quality stainless steel interior
  • Hard spout
  • 11 oz. capacity
Why Stainless?

The Safe Sippy™ stainless steel drink cup was created in response to the growing body of emerging scientific
evidence about the dangers of toxic chemicals used to
make many plastics.  We chose stainless steel because it is clean, stable and durable.  Because stainless steel is stable and inert, it does not interact with the foods and fluids it comes into contact with.   So what you put in is what you get out.

When plastic is heated – in the dishwasher, microwave
or even in a hot car –  chemicals leach out of the plastic
into our foods.  The entire list of negative health effects associated with these chemicals is too long to cover here, and The Safe Sippy™ stainless steel cup is only one small step in stemming their flow.  But it is well known that chemicals such as Bisphenol A [BPA], DEHA and the class of chemicals known as phthalates have the most damaging effects on little bodies that are still developing.  The list of health problems associated with these substances is long and growing. They include:  developmental problems; ADHD; premature sexual maturation in young females; breast tumors in women; particularly virulent forms of prostate cancer; reproductive problems in both sexes; learning disabilities;  kidney damage;  liver cancer and much more. 

Jillian's Drawers carries the very latest Safe Sippy.  The newest version has an improved valve and leak-free screw-on top.


Water drips from the spout, is something wrong with my cup?
No. The valve is designed to prevent big spills. A few drips may come out when the cup is turned upside down. Making it completely drip-proof would also make it difficult for a child to drink from. If the dripping seems excessive, please contact us at
My Gasket/O-Ring fell out from the cap, how do I get it back in?
The Gasket/O-Ring is the small rubbery translucent circle that fits inside the cap and seals the cap and cup to prevent leaking. It is removable for cleaning purposes and can be a little tricky to get back in place. There is an actual side to it.  If you look at the O-Ring in profile, one side is flat and one side has a slight curve.  The curved side is the one that goes in the slot against the cap and it press-fits in, the flat side is what seals the lid to the stainless body.  When it is in securely, it should lay flat and stay in position.  If you are having trouble with the gasket, feel free to e-mail us at
Is The Safe Sippy™ cup insulated?
No. Our cup is single-walled stainless steel to keep it light (only 5oz empty) and maximize volume (holds 11oz). However, the outer sleeve does provide some insulating protection when you put cold beverages in your cup in summer.

Can you put hot beverages in The Safe Sippy™ cup?
Please don't. Our cup is single-walled stainless steel to keep it light (only 5oz empty) and maximize volume (holds 11oz) and metal is a good conductor of hot (and cold). Hot liquids may cause burns. (We know we don't need to tell you this, but our lawyers made us.)
Can you put carbonated beverages in The Safe Sippy™ cup?
Please don't. Carbonated liquids have lots of bubbles that may cause your cups to leak. (The ones with sugar can also turn your 2 year old into a screaming banshee.)
Can I put pulpy juices in The Safe Sippy™ cup?
We recommend you don't. Pulp can clog your no-spill valve, preventing a child from being able to draw liquid out and may cause spontaneous wailing.
Can I you put The Safe Sippy™ cup in the microwave?
No. Metal objects and microwaves don't mix. Bad things happen.
Is The Safe Sippy™ cup lined with another material?
No. There is no need; it is pure stainless steel inside and out.
What number plastic is used on The Safe Sippy™ cup?
All plastic parts (cap and handles) are made from #5 plastic or polypropylene that is the safest and most stable of all plastics. All plastic used is tested and/or certified free of BPA and phthalates.  Only when a child is actually drinking from the cup does the fluid inside come into contact with the plastic, so what you put in is what you get out.
My Safe Sippy™ cup has a dent, does it still work?
The Safe Sippy is made of stainless steel. If dropped, small dents may occur. Occasional dents are an excellent sign that you are getting plenty of use from your cup. They will not affect your cup's performance.