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Swim Diaper by Thirsties

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Made in USA

Is that a Duo Wrap? Close, but no! Thirsties brand new swim diaper is modeled after their Duo Wrap diaper cover system, but trimmer and lined with mesh. It also has hip snaps to ensure a snug fit that does the job of keeping solids in! Bonus - cute new beach bum Thirsties summer prints!

Duo style means only two sizes, each with built in adjustability. That means you buy less sizes over time, saving even more money!

Swim instructors and life guards love reusable swim diapers; they simply are more effective at keeping solids in! Snug fit and double gusseted legs really do make a big difference. If poop does not happen while in use, simply rinse and hang dry. If solids happen, unsnap and remove the diaper, rinse soiled matter, wash, and reuse!

Pair with a Wet Bag in a matching print and you are all set for swimming!

Made in Colorado, USA. 

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