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Thirsties Diaper Covers, Snap Closure

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Made in USA

Thirsties Diaper Covers are one of our favorite PUL covers, and the sized cover is now available in snap closure! The outside is a soft polyester and the inside is a laminate, which lets you wipe it off between uses. (Versus some covers which have fabric on the inside, making them difficult to wipe clean between uses.)

The double gusset on Thirsties Covers is what we really love. Some covers have just one leg gusset, but Thirsties covers have a second, smaller, and flexible leg gusset which hugs babys thighs and makes them virtually leak-proof. You will have far fewer leaks than compared to disposables!

With Snaps and Lastin elastic that will not wear or stretch out. Want a more trim diaper cover, great for prefolds? Check out Thirsties Duo Wraps!

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What are the changes to the Thirsties Diaper Covers?
  • New and Improved* Thirsties Diaper Covers will now feature a facing to the inside of the wings to improve on durability
  • Also added is another cross-over loop tab to allow users to choose which wing to fasten first
  • Thirsties' signature leg gussets on the new covers will be trimmed down just a hair for improved comfort on chunky-thighed babies and an overall trimmer fit
  • And finally, the cut on size large has been trimmed down just a bit to better accommodate the longer and thinner growth trend of toddlers.

What makes Thirsties Diaper Covers so popular:
  • Double leg gussets keep messes in
  • Very thin diaper cover
  • Can wipe inside clean between uses
  • Newborn size truly fits a newborn
  • Beautiful colors
  • Made in USA by Moms and Grandmas