Citrus Circles

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Made in USA

Citrus Circles™ are non-toxic deodorizing wafers for any smelly contained space.  They offer a fresh, clean citrus scent. Ideal for any contained area that needs "freshening" up including: diaper pails, garbage pails,bathrooms, etc.  They are individually wrapped to ensure freshness and are made in the USA.

They are made from blotter paper with an oil based citrus scent applied. They are nontoxic but of course should not be ingested.

These deodorizing wafers have a sweet, fruity fragrance.  We frequently replenish our supply of Citrus Circles, so you can count on a shelf life of at least 3 months after purchasing.

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How to Use

We recommend putting one Citrus Circle into an old panty hose and hanging in the diaper pail. Each circle lasts approximately 2 weeks.